Thursday, February 27, 2020

ONE PAGE PER QUESTION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

ONE PAGE PER QUESTION - Essay Example This war spread like wildfire throughout the world even reached the neutral states, newly independent countries in Africa, Asia etc. When the President Truman passed an anti-communist policy, the war between the Soviet Union and USA began. The name â€Å"cold war† is used because it did not feature any direct military action because both sides possessed nuclear weapons and the use of these arms from either side was a guaranteed destruction for both. The cold war ended in 1945 after the Berlin wall was broken down, the Soviet Union was defeated by collapsing into several independent states. One side had a vast army and the other had the most powerful weapon, the A-bomb and soviets had no idea about the total number of those bombs. We could believe for some time that the world is safer now that the cold war is over, but now that we have a multi-polar society. The current prevailing issues are more hazardous than the one in which we were aware of the enemies and there were a constant negotiation to solve the issues but now it only takes a bomb attack and lots of false accusations to set the world on fire which would end nobody knows where. 2) World War II began in 1939 when the Great Britain and France declared a war on Germany and invaded Poland. The invasion in Poland did trigger the war on Germany, but the overall causes of the war are very complex. Following are the events that lead toward the Second World War: Treaty of Versailles: in 1919 Lloyd George from England, Orlando from Italy, Clemenceau from France and Woodrow from US had a meeting to discuss the damages that occurred after World War I. in this meeting it was also planned that how Germany should be made to pay for starting the war. Woodrow Wilson formed a treaty based on 14 points, George Clemenceau and Lloyd George strongly agreed to them. Germany had been expecting something like it but they were unhappy with

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